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Legend Hitter
Apr 12, 2014

Legend Hitter

Apr 10, 2014 / 1 note

‘He-ha’ Part 1

He-ha he-ha he-ha,
The graveling chants in my undisclosed system,
He-ha he-ha he-ha,
Cringed over in my marijuana twist of bones,
Tasting the last breath of my glaze,
The washes of the wind oozing over my skin,
He-ha he-ha he-ha,
Balling my fist in barfing quiver,

-1:11 AM


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Apr 7, 2014 / 3 notes


The starry eye of my sighting—sizzling through my skin,
A burning pull rushed in my clenched teeth,
The brain clambered in the cave of my prisoned thick headed skull,
Winding my pipes in the jersey streets,
The moon hiding inch by inch—A cloudy mist,
Closed eyes to the palm trees dancing in motion,
There it’s beautiful—Calming—,
A closed mind of mine,
A distant pull,

–12:43 AM

Waste Child
Apr 4, 2014

Waste Child

Apr 4, 2014 / 1 note


I sit here plastered in my Hitch,
My sanctuary bonded with element in
A sultry love,
The cooling out lift of my soul intertwined in the great grip,
Chilled by crawling thoughts,
Under my skin—skin stained with meat,
The pull of the eleventh hour channeling—Me,
Raw—Aching—woken minded of no mind but I,
I as in Me,
Me as in beyond of many of my ancestor with the gaping look of I—I,
I will see

–1:06 AM


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Apr 3, 2014 / 360 notes
The Ideas I get for Story plots                           😏🛀💉 #ICanSeeIt
Apr 2, 2014

The Ideas I get for Story plots 😏🛀💉 #ICanSeeIt

‘I’m in a good Type of SpaCe 👽’
Mar 24, 2014

‘I’m in a good Type of SpaCe 👽’

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